Trailering Tips

When hooking up

Before you put the trailer on the tow ball check first that there are 3 points of contact securing your boat to your trailer. All boats should be connected to their trailers via safety chain, winch rope hook or turnbuckle, at the front and tiedowns at the rear. Tiedowns must be used by law so make sure these are in sound condition, we believe the ratchet type to be the most reliable. 

At the Ramp

Firstly, make sure you remove your tie downs and prop flag.

Leave your winch safety chain on until you have backed down the ramp, and are ready to launch. Once the boat is in the water, unwind your winch slightly to let the weight off your safety chain. Remove the chain and then let the boat roll back with the winch still connected so you maintain control over the boat and then remove the winch hook. It is a good idea to either have a bow rope attached or someone in the boat at this point to keep the boat from getting away on you.