At the Ramp

Firstly, make sure you remove your tie downs and prop flag.

Leave your winch safety chain on until you have backed down the ramp, and are ready to launch. Once the boat is in the water, unwind your winch slightly to let the weight off your safety chain. Remove the chain and then let the boat roll back with the winch still connected so you maintain control over the boat and then remove the winch hook. It is a good idea to either have a bow rope attached or someone in the boat at this point to keep the boat from getting away on you.

On retrieval you don’t need to back the trailer in too deep. It is all dependent on the angle/incline of the ramp, but in most cases the water level up 2/3’s of the way up your wheel is plenty.

Put your safety chain on as you are winching the boat onto the trailer, this is for 2 reasons – so you don’t forget and it is often difficult to attach the shackle once the boat is pulled hard into the snubber.

Once the boat is out of the water remember to trim your motor up ready for travel, re attach your tie downs and prop flag and fold down and put away things like aerials and fishing rods that could snag on overhanging trees or the likes.

If you have a braked trailer, this is a good time to flick the reverse lock lever that allows the brakes to be applied.